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In lift life, we believe in our employees and in their competencies. We bring together highly talented professionalsand constantly try to provide an environment conducive for their personal and professional growth to make each day a learning experience, with fun and professionalism. Following are the code of ethics.

Integrity, sincerity, sense , respect for a person's word and for commitments made, and also a refusalof any dishonest methods used to facilitate gaining of a contract or a particular advantage. A mutualunderstanding of honesty and sincerity between the employee and company helps build a solid foundation for overall growth and prosperity.

A nature to undertake responsibilities, take risks and to enjoy competing; constant questioning of directions taken and of the circumstances in which we find ourselves. A boldness which should go hand-in-hand with a certain level of wisdom. We provide an environment for you to build upon your basics and to hone your skills for a long term commitment to lift life.

Team Spirit
Solidarity, friendship, loyalty and transparency. We provide the platform to enhance your personal and interpersonal skills through a constant interaction with a diverse workforce from multiple backgrounds, cultures and geographical regions. This solidarity, is necessary to work efficiently with our clients, and also implies generosity and sharing of the fruits of collective efforts.

To give people and teams responsibility and to make sure that decisions are made at as close a level as possible to those who are to implement them. We believe in an open work environment that is productivefor personal and professional development. Trust also consists of ensuring total openness amongst people within the company and as free flow of information and ideas as possible.