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Company Profile

We are having an experience since 1972 to establish research based manufacturing company involved in the manufacturing of aromatic chemicals, antioxidants, biocides, bio-diesel, castor oil and its derivatives, catalysts, essential oils and its derivatives, fatty acid and its derivatives, flavor & perfumery chemicals, menthol, specialty chemicals and sunscreen chemicals.

Now we are entering in manufacturing and marketing in pharmaceuticals sector, we understand the right to good health is universal and our contribution in building a healthier tomorrow is our motivation and mission.

We continue to promote affordability in significant ways and work towards expanding our product range our aim for good result of the societal and environmental wealth that we are generating It is not just an outcome of the profit we are earning, but increasingly a result of the societal and environmental wealth that we are generating. We believes every one needs an upgreadation in their Lives this is our mission to upgread life with lift life.


To be a leading pharmaceuticals company with strategic alliance, brand equity, technology and global presence.


"Lift for life"
Our mission to upgrade our surrounding' s life with lift life.